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QOTD: What Was Your Favorite Childhood Toy?

It's hard to remember when you got rid of your favorite toy. With most toys, there's no definitive moment of separation. No big "good-bye," and "thanks for the memories." It's just a slow growing apart between you and a toy boat, or a Batman figure, or a princess doll. And then, one day, you look back and remember how much you loved that toy. Today is that day. What was your favorite childhood toy?


Wes Molebash


Wes Molebash commented…

It's tie between my Ghostbusters figures and playsets, and LEGO. Especially the pirate LEGOs. I could rebuild the ships without having to look at the directions.

Alex Aili


Alex Aili commented…

My favorite toy was one thing that came in many pieces: LEGOs.

Pedro Navas


Pedro Navas commented…

G.I. Joe

Travis Tjelmeland


Travis Tjelmeland commented…

I had four Buzz Lightyear figures on my dresser until I was fourteen. My mom put them in a box under the stairs when I was gone at summer camp. I didn't notice. When I found them the following winter, I cried a little because I had forgotten them and moved on. (cue Sarah McLaughlan...)

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