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QOTD: What's the Best Live Concert You've Ever Been To?

Seeing a band live takes everything you love about them to the next level. There's something indescribable—even ethereal—about hearing those first few notes of your favorite song come shooting out of actual guitars and with someone actually singing the words. And some bands really know how to milk that live show for all it's worth. What's the best concert you've ever been to?


Steven Ormsbee


Steven Ormsbee commented…

Either last year when I saw Sigur Ros at the Hollywood Cemetary, the first time I saw Mute Math back in 2005 when they opened for Mae in San Francisco, Muse at the Bill Graham Civic Center in SF in 2007, or M83 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles last year. Can't pick one!

Hannah S


Hannah S commented…

Probably Of Monsters and Men!!!

Spencer Sweeting


Spencer Sweeting commented…

I got to stand about 3 rows back in front of The Edge at a U2 concert in Philly during their Vertigo tour inside the walkway loop. Even better, during their THIRD encore, they played "People Get Ready" (one of my absolute favorite songs) with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (what?!?)

Christopher Case


Christopher Case commented…

Sometime Sunday. A small crowd of maybe 30 at the Refuge in St. Pete. It would be one of their last shows as a band, and they basically put the mic inn the crowd and everyone sang along.

Matt Unruh


Matt Unruh commented…

That's a tough I have been to a ton of great shows. But I would say that it is a toss-up between Wovenhand playing in a small hole-in-the-wall bar in Des Moines, IA or Mute Math in a similarly small venue in Lincoln, NE. Great bands and amazing to see up close and personal.

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