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QOTD: What's a One Movie Re-Make You Wouldn't Mind Seeing?

Of course, there's a lot of talk about how sick we are of Hollywood's endless reboots and remakes. But, you have to admit, there's something sort of fun about seeing some beloved old material get updated with a fresh look and feel. What's one movie from your childhood you wouldn't mind seeing a remake of?


Dennis Oh


Dennis Oh commented…

Masters of the Universe (He-Man) and Blade Runner :)

mikyla young-bayless


mikyla young-bayless commented…

the never-ending story.



Anthony replied to mikyla young-bayless's comment

Yes! That was my all time favourite movie when I was a kid, I'm still waiting for a proper high budget remake (there was a really cheap one not long ago- really bad)!

Kyle Davis


Kyle Davis commented…

Swiss Family Robinson

Trey Bledsoe


Trey Bledsoe commented…

The Goonies, Better Off Dead, Young Guns

Alex Wilgus


Alex Wilgus commented…

Brigadoon (a non-musical version) Always thought that had a good plot.

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