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QOTD: What's Your Best Vacation Disaster Story?

Thousands of people who thought they were headed for a luxurious vacation ended up in a 4-day nightmare when an engine fire cut the power for the entire ship. The passengers were left with no electricity, no air conditioning, and sewage flooding the halls. Most of them ended up dragging their mattresses onto the ship's deck in an attempt to keep cool during the day, and then bundling up to stay warm at night. What's your best vacation disaster tale?


Rex Curry


Rex Curry commented…

well my best aint THAT tragic.

it was summer of 2000-sumthin. i was a little 10 year old grommit. we were visiting family at jakarta, indonesia. then one day, me and my older brother, Max, went out for the daily walk in the park, maybe play some catch. a good hour later, we go home. There was this huge van parked outside our house with unusual bumper-plates. We thought it was a visitor. Then upon opening the gate, we see a fat dude wearing a blue boiler suit walk up to us speaking in indonesian. we, however, didn't understand shit. he grabs us and i mean grasps us tightly on our necks while another dude comes out with a gun. one of those chode-like revolver guns with 4 or 5 bullets. he points that to my brothers face and i get a homemade knife pressed against my neck. we were scared shitless. we go further into the house and the place was skidrow. We see a puddle of blood around the corner of a wall. i was really hoping nobody was injured, but when i saw the blood, i really thought i was gonna die. It belonged to my father. he was hit on the head with something, a gun i think. he wasn't moving. no one else was around, the crook with the gun slammed it upon max's head, not severely, but it was pretty bad. a thud to the skull has not sounded any clearer than that instance. but the look on max's face was composed, just pissed off at the fact that we were fucked! then we were tied up, hands to our backs and gags to our jaws, then were stuffed into a bathroom with a two-way lock. my step mom was there and our maid 'umbo'. i had small hands and, trying to be a bit of a 'hero', i relieved myself from all bonds but the others in the bathroom urged me to keep still. so i did. then one of crooks pull out my stepmother out while slappin her around like a 5 dollar prostitute. then locked the door again, this time with the lights closed. we hear screaming and shouting and banging. it was an orchestra of violence. it gets quiet after a few minutes. then our sister, Ysa, unlocked the doors. funny thing, Ysa is not that small of a person, but she managed to hide under a tight bar-table which could easily be compromised. but they never even spotted her. once out of the bathroom, we see our stepmom trying to relax after being threatened of rape and we see our dad locking the gates thru the window. i was so fucking relieved that everyone was safe. i have not shed as many tears in my life.

Ian McKerracher


Ian McKerracher commented…

My story is actually a shout-out to God and His amazing ability to prevent a tragedy from happening...
A few years ago, I took my Bride of 3 decades on a trip to Rome. We flew into Germany, mainly because the fare was cheaper. We rented a car and drove south into Italy. I thought that I was getting the hang of driving in this foreign country when we got to Rome. Have you ever seen the drivers in Rome!!?

Well there was a map we had which my dear wife was unable to read. (small words/enormous map) so we were continuously lost. There was an inner circle road surrounding an area into which we were drawn. And it didn't let go of us for FIVE SOLID HOURS!!

The drivers were not really obeying any rules that I thought they should, including speed, lanes, and lights. About the stop in a lane with perhaps a lane to your right and two lanes for the opposite flow on your left. Other cars will crowd the front and all the motorcycles and mopeds will weave between the cars to the very front. Cars will come beside your car (on both sides!). The parked cars are not close to the curb and are in front of you. The same is happening on the other side of the lights and when it changes, everybody goes. (Oh MY!)

Well after that five hours spoken of earlier, the distant, faded memory of a high school teacher's voice came to our rescue. I saw a sign saying "Appian Way" with an arrow. I remembered that teacher who claimed that Julius Caesar marched into Rome along the Appian Way after some victory in battle. I thought, "If he can come in through this road, I can get out". And it was so.
How I got away without killing someone, or ourselves, can only be traced to the Grace of God.

I don't do a lot of international driving any more...I have lost my nerve.

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