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QOTD: What's Your Favorite YouTube Video of All Time?

YouTube videos are the modern incarnation of swapping jokes. Instead of starting off conversations with "Have you heard the one about the ... ," you start with "Have you see the one where ... ," and it kicks off a lengthy presentation of showcasing different cat memes, pop song parodies and face plants. Could anything be more 2013? What's your favorite YouTube video of all time?


Tori Rowe


Tori Rowe commented…

For all the econ lovers out there.

jessica titchener


jessica titchener commented…

Classic animal humour from the BBC -

Matt McCarter


Matt McCarter replied to jessica titchener's comment

I was just about to post this one:

It's just the Claims on the Plains clip but I watch it every time I need a good laugh...

Josh Millwood


Josh Millwood replied to Matt McCarter's comment

Watching this video is like a pilgrimage for me. I must do it. I'm compelled to watch. The Cadbury Gorilla...



caitlino commented…

Sloths are creepy, but this one gets me every time.

Nathanael Miles


Nathanael Miles commented…

Grape lady (and the remix)!

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