QOTD: Which Movie From the Past Decade Changed Everything?

Still hard at work on our tenth anniversary issue, and still in need of some input from our street team (i.e. you.) Today's question: which movie from the past ten years do you think has been most influential? In other words, which movie from the past decade changed everything?


Adam McDonald


Adam McDonald commented…

I think Inception was easily the most original and creative film in the last 20 years. It wasn't based on any previously told story, book, comic, etc. The acting and effects were stellar and of course the overall direction by Nolan was unmatched. It proved that you can still be original and tell a compelling story that's never been told before. I wish more people in Hollywood would pick up on that.


Jake O commented…

(500) Days of Summer. So much of what we know as the "hip" culture of today can be seen in this film. I would consider it to be both ahead of it's time and past it's time. Ahead of it's time because it really was at the forefront of the "hipster movement," and past it's time because it made jokes about Ringo Starr and Sid Vicious. But that's what being a hipster is all about, right? I bet (500) Days of Summer would hate itself now because it's so mainstream.


Joel F. commented…

umm...how is this even a question?obviously Indiana Jones 4.

Dan Cava


Dan Cava commented…

The Bourne Supremacy. With few exceptions, every action scene since has copied to various degrees of success with handheld, quick-cut approach. Less about clarity, more about momentum.



philipwiebe commented…

Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, assuming Sam Raimi's Spider-Man is outside the parameter (released summer 2002, ~10.25 years ago). Batman Begins rebooted the superhero genre grown tired with largely-reviled fluorescent-hued offerings like the aforementioned Spider-Mans, Daredevil, Hulk (Ang Lee edition), and brought a shocking amount of darkness and amorality to not just the world of suiperhero movies, but big-budget blockbusters in general. (Let's remember, there was a time when all blockbusters did not speak their first words in speech bubbles.)

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