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Who Needs to Release a New Album in 2013?

Yesterday, the world was brought to tears of cheerful rejoicing by a simple, stark, unsubstantiated rumor that Postal Service is working on a reunion. A follow-up to their 2003 game-changer, Give Up. There's also rumors of new music from the Black Keys, Arcade Fire, David Bowie and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, plus a sequel to Jay-Z and Kanye's Watch the Throne. What releases are you most excited about?


Corey Stevens


Corey Stevens commented…

Give us Five Iron Frenzy!

David Jones


David Jones commented…

Five Iron Frenzy!

Melody Stone


Melody Stone commented…

Five Iron Frenzy! I'm so so so so so excited. That Postal Service reunion is good news too - although, come on, how hard is it to get two guys together to make a new album - you don't even need to get them together, they wrote the first album long distance, through the mail.

Heather Schultz


Heather Schultz commented…

98 Degrees has returned to the recording studio to work on some new material and will be going on tour with NKTOB and BoyzIIMen this summer. I'm most excited to hear new music from 98 Degrees this year!

Alex Adams


Alex Adams commented…

The Head and the Heart! Their debut album is beauty from beginning to end.

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