14 Stats That Show the Devastating Reality of Modern-Day Slavery

Why the End It Movement’s 'Shine a Light on Slavery' campaign is so important. Read More

If you’ve been on Facebook this morning, you’ve likely seen images of friends’ hands with large red Xs drawn on them accompanied by the hashtag #endit. Today, Feb. 23, anti-human trafficking advocates join together for the End It Movement’s “Shine a Light on Slavery” campaign, raising awareness about the staggering reality of modern-day slavery.

Today, slavery exists in 167 countries, and an estimated 20 million are trapped in it. Many of them are children.

End It Movement works with a coalition of partners—including International Justice Mission, World Vision, Not for Sale, World Relief and others—to help victims of slavery and partners with government officials and law enforcement to stop it.

Along with financially supporting organizations fighting slavery, drawing the X and posting a selfie also helps to make a difference. As this video from Sen. Bob Corker explains, the massive online campaigns help lawmakers see how important anti-human trafficking measures are to voters.


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