How to Live Green in the City

When you think of creation care, images of oceans, mountains, rainforests or perhaps an eco-friendly suburb may come to mind; what you probably don’t immediately picture are skyscrapers and bustling streets. But the majority of the world’s population is shifting into the city, and it’s ultimately in these communities where effective creation care must be practiced and realized. Already, there are 3.2 billion city-dwellers globally, four times the urban population in 1950. By 2050, more than 70 percent of the world’s population is projected to live in cities. This seemingly inevitable urban migration demands a more concentrated and intentional effort to live mindfully of God’s creation and humans’ impact on it. Here are a few innovative ways in which city-dwellers are already taking practical steps to care for creation: 

Buy Local

Buying groceries through farmers markets and CSAs may get pricy, but every dollar spent on local and eco-friendly foods is worth $1.34 to the local economy.

Plant an Urban Garden

Container, community and rooftop gardens are bringing a bit of green to cities. Some neighborhoods have even begun growing vertically with wall gardens.


Bicycle commuting jumped 151 percent just between 2000 and 2009, and only continues to rise in popularity.

Have a Car-Free Weekend

Many drives in major cities close to motorized vehicles on weekends, and are designated only for walking, cycling and running.

Make Space

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From turning unused train tracks into trails to converting now-discontinued Hummers into micro-homes, urban residents can’t help but creatively recycle their constricted space. 


Mason George


Mason George commented…

Well, that is indeed a great thinking. I think this is the only way that we do have, as of now, in front of us to live in a green environment. Moving back to country side is not a viable option, as job opportunities are more in cities.



florabemela commented…

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robert commented…

What an astonishing article on how to live green in a city. Every individual must follow this i guess. I appreciate the idea of cycling, jogging and running. As per this is the best way to live and follow the above suggestions. Supporting farmers is also a very good idea.

Ann Joseph


Ann Joseph commented…

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