Starting a Revolution

We have the potential to start a revolution. We see the strife in the world as generations before ours could not -- whether a terrorist attack, a tsunami or the slow starvation of children, we watch the devastation of such tragedies play-by-play, and it moves us.

But how do we apply our energy to alleviate the suffering of those around us? Especially when we're busier than ever and less able to give of our time to serve these causes at home and around the globe?

According to Rev. David Beckmann, Lutheran minister and president of the 54,000-member D.C. based organization Bread for the World, a national Christian citizen's movement against hunger, hunger and poverty are "the most compelling moral issues of our time."

While we will never be able to completely eradicate all poverty on earth (see: Matthew 26), according to Beckmann, solving the problem of hunger today isn't as daunting as it might seem.

With current technology and resources and enough political action on the part of concerned citizens, it would cost as little as 10 cents per American, per day to cut hunger in half by 2010 in America and in the world by 2015.

"The main thing we need to do is get our government to do its part," said Beckmann. "Churches and charities just can't do it all."

It's critical, Beckmann said, for young people in particular to get involved, especially with anti-hunger lobbying. Even the simple act of sending a hand-written, three-sentence letter to your congressman asking him or her to support anti-hunger legislation can make a difference.

The energy and zeal of young activists can sway our government, he said.

"God is moving in history to liberate people in need," Beckmann said. "We can be part of what God is doing in response to the prayers of all the mothers who can't feed their children.

"Young adults can be powerful advocates for justice for poor and hungry people," he said, adding that Bread for the World has chapters on 400 college campuses.

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Niles Holsinger


Niles Holsinger commented…

Stuff like this is great. World hunger might seem so massive, something that would never be changed, but if enough people would step outside of their normal everyday life and determine to help one other person in need, that massive thing might not look so big after all.
Here is a way we have tried to start a revolution of our own against hunger.



RayDeck3 commented…

Poverty seems to be the root cause of many of the other social justice issues in the world. If you think about it, fair trade, many human rights issues, modern slavery, and the aids epidemic all stem from extreme poverty. I believe that if we attacked this one, we would begin to see ripple affect benefits.

Matthew Snyder


Matthew Snyder commented…

This is awesome, Heather. It's a tangible way for people here in the States to get involved in "kingdom", in something much larger than themselves. I love it.



Mundia commented…

Thanks Heather people like us in Africa value the fact that the are voices in the kingdom that keep speaking with compassion for us and more importantly for Christ God Bless you.


Lusaka, Zambia southern Africa

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