Issue 83: September/October 2016

The Drop

Emerging Artists You Should Know

  • Day Wave

    Jackson Phillips has gone through several musical transformations over the years… Read More


    Before forming SKYES, Dallin Knightly and Dan Tirer played in a long lineup of bands with names such as “Funky Butter” and “Dragons Just Happened.” But listening to SKYES, it’s hard to imagine the band as anything else… Read More

  • Social Club Misfits

    The only thing that’s changed for social club misfits is the name. Read More

  • Yumi Zouma

    The band may have started across three continents, but the chemistry never suffered. Read More

  • Q+A Audrey Assad

    Audrey Assad grew up in the Plymouth Brethren tradition, where she learned to sing hymns in four-part harmony, without instruments. Assad has since converted to Catholicism, but with her latest album, Inheritance, she revisits many of the classic hymns of her childhood… Read More


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