‘Maps About Nothing’ Blog Is Geekiest 'Seinfeld' Website Imaginable

The Maps about Nothing blog describes itself as “the most detailed, comprehensive and downright obsessive-compulsive archive of Seinfeld geography on the planet.” The site has compiled every geographical reference, in every episode of Seinfeld, and categorized them by season, scene and Google Map coordinate. Someone, somewhere has a tremendous amount of time on their hands. Why couldn’t they invent some useful, like a coffee table book that becomes a coffee table? …

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Maryann Farrugia


Maryann Farrugia commented…

I visited the site but some of the page are not that good they have so many links and its not properly aligned, i mean the menu bar etc. I hope the site maker will improve the site more but overall its nice though. I think the WordPress blog is an awesome platform for such kind of website like this.

Maryann Farrugia
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