3 Aurora Hospitals Will Limit or Waive Medical Bills for Shooting Victims

3 of the 4 hospitals that the victims of the Colorado movie theater shootings have been staying in have chosen to either limit or totally erase their medical bills, which is just a very nice gesture. Warner Bros, who have come into a bit of money recently, have also donated a $2 million to the victims. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has also set up a fund to help the victims with their short term and long term medical bills, which you can donate to here ...

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Shoobacca commented…

My intention is not to cast aspersions on those who are offering "short term and long term" help, but just to bring attention to similar promises going unfulfilled. We can respect the victims of the Aurora shooting spree by financial supporting them along with the currently unsupported Columbine victims from April 1999 at

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