33 Schools in Michigan Closing Tomorrow on Partial Account of the World Ending

Michigan officials are letting their students get an early start on their Christmas break, seeing as they won't really get a Christmas break since the world is going to blow up tomorrow anyway. Matt Wandrie, a Michigan super-intendent, said that the Mayan apocalypse fears are of secondary concern to the sense of unrest created in light of the Newtown shootings, but did say "rumors connected to the Mayan calendar predicted end of the world on Friday have ... surfaced" as part of the logic behind the decision. Well, it sounds like the kids will be learning one important lesson tomorrow: You can't be too careful ...


Wesley lawton


Wesley lawton commented…

This seems to be taken out of context. They're not closing the schools because they think the world is going to end. They're closing schools because there have been so many violent threats related to students referencing the end of the world. Still pretty ridiculous, but the title of this Slice is misleading.

Bradley Matson


Bradley Matson commented…

There also happens to be a massive snow storm in Michigan right now. #snowday

Jeannette Stach


Jeannette Stach commented…

As I live in the area, the Superintendents met yesterday afternoon to discuss the overwhelming number of threats to others. Many schools were getting so many threats, bring gun to school and kill those you hate type things, they thought it safest to start break early. Yes, the excuse the kids were giving - was well the world is going to end anyway, but the world ending was not the reason schools were closed (please, now really think about that B.S.) Most of the threats were for Friday, but a few schools had threats for today. These threats were being passed via social medias and emails. Parents were calling the schools stating their children were afraid to go to school because they were told guns were being brought to kill those students they hate. So, then what is a school to do. I believe they did the responsible thing - close it early and not take any chances of more mass killings. It's sad that it has to be done this way, but if the schools weren't closed and killings happened then you (the public school hating public and others) would blame the schools for not closing.

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