96-Year-Old Wins Online Songwriting with Moving Tribute to His Late Wife

After 73 years of marriage, Fred Stobaugh’s wife Lorraine passed away, leaving Fred heartbroken. But when the 96-year-old saw an advertisement for an online songwriting contest sponsored by the local Green Shoe Studios, he decided to mail in a song he wrote to help him heal after her death. The studio was so moved that they awarded Fred's song a free recording session—with professional musicians and professional singers—and created this moving video for his song, “Sweet Lorraine”. We hope you have your tissues ready …

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Ron commented…

What a wonderful story, beautifully documented. The contrast between 1) these gentlemen's love and appreciation for a great story shared through the universal language of music and 2) this weeks VMA antics couldn't be more profound. Thank you, Relevant!

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