Always Think Twice Before Saving Somebody's Life

Look, it's always tempting to save somebody's life. The drama. The praise. The needling sense that it's the right thing to do. But there are a lot of other factors to consider as well. Just ask 21-year-old Thomas Lopez, a Hallandale Beach lifeguard, who was fired for rescuing a drowning Estonian man last Monday. The man was drowning about 1500 feet outside of Hallandale Beach's established boundaries, and thus, was just not Mr. Lopez's problem. A spokesman acknowledged that Lopez may have had good intentions but "the city doesn't provide lifeguards in front of the condominiums up and down the beach ...we are not a fire-rescue operation. We are strictly a lifeguard organization." Which is just a reminder to all of us to not get carried away when we see a person in a desperate situation for which we have gone through extensive training to assist. Moderation, people ...



Anonymous commented…

He had a Duty To Act! Good for him. HE will take care of him.



Ron commented…

Are you people at Relevant out of your minds? Was the lifeguard supposed to just sit there, and watch the man die? Is THAT your idea of moderation? Is it your intention, to establish a gold-standard of uninvolvement and lack of concern for the needs of others? Your thinking is despicable. This is why I can't stand Christians; you people only think of yourselves. He should have been honored for what he did.

Karen Lohrman


Karen Lohrman replied to Ron's comment

Ron, they are being sarcastic. Of course Relevant wants people to help others!



Ana replied to Ron's comment

Ron, you are out of your mind. This is written sarcastically. Clearly, just like the guy in the story, no decent person wants to stand by while someone drowns.



Ron replied to Ana's comment

I don't agree with you, it doesn't look like sarcasm to me. If it were, it should have been noted as such. In any case, it gels with a very large part of my own christian experience, where other people just stand around with their hands in their pockets and do nothing when I have urgent needs...even if I were burning. I think it's become a worthless and evil religion.

Elliott Warden


Elliott Warden replied to Ron's comment

This was definitely sarcastic. And as for Christians being the only people who stand around not doing anything, it is unfair to put it simply on one group of people. Studies show that people are victim to the deference logic, where everyone assumes someone else will help when there is a dire need. That's why they tell people to yell "FIRE" when they are being mugged or what not, because everyone assumes that someone else will call the police or come and help unless they are in danger themselves. Also, in emergency training they teach you to give specific tasks such as "Joe! Call 911! Sally! Direct traffic!" instead of saying "Someone call 911!" because no one will do it if they aren't told directly. To say that only Christians do this seems naive and misguided.

John Rader


John Rader commented…

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