Amanda Bynes, Master of Disguise

Yahoo! captured this shot of All That's Amanda Bynes leaving a Hollywood cupcake shop because, when you're a movie star, life is about Hollywood, and cupcakes, and cunning disguises. In her paparazzi-proof disguise, she blends in, chameleon-like in her ability to vanish into the teeming masses. In this shot, she just looks like another one of Hollywood's many patterned ghosts. Frankly, nobody can be 100% sure this even is Amanda Bynes, and that is what makes her a true master ...

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Anonymous commented…

Ok, I'm totally nit-picking here but it appears she's leaving The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf which is most certainly not a cupcake shop. It's only the home of the best ice-blended drinks around. Starbucks fans knowice blended drinksby their made up Italian sounding "Frappuccino" name.

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