And Now There's Going to Be a TV Show About King David

Hollywood's march of scripture products is getting to the point where we can't even keep up with it. There are movies about Noah, Pontius Pilate, Cain and Abel, the Early Church, Ben-Hur, two Moses movies and at least three Jesus flicks in the works. And into all this comes something so obvious, it's surprising it took this long to announce it: a TV show about the life of David. Supposedly, this will be a show a little less about his famed slingshot stage and more about the later years, which feature plenty of political intrigue, war, scandal and other very television-ready moments. Will it be any good? Seems possible. Ron Parker, who wrote the excellent Hatfields & McCoys has been tapped for the script ...

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M Brian Winter


M Brian Winter commented…

Except that the NBC already made a showed based loosely on King David called "Kings". It was great, even if it was more drama driven, and only aired for one season.

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