Anti-Cheating Ring Will Solve All Your Marriage Problems

Great news. has invented an "anti-cheating" wedding ring that will imprint the word "married" on your finger. So even when you slip the ring off, you're still marked by your lucky loved one. Works like a charm. All marriage woes will soon be a thing of the past. Can't believe nobody thought of this sooner. Makes a great anniversary gift ...



Anonymous commented…

Whenever I have my socks on for a long time, the elastic makes similar indentations on my skin. I can't help but feel like this would just be annoying since when it happens somewhere else on my body I can't stand it.


Anonymous commented…

I'm sure there are people out there cheating on their spouses WITH their wedding rings on and off.. taking off the ring doesn't make you less married. It's the dishonesty in a person's heart that need to be fixed. Not their 'wedded cosmetics'.

Gladys Talarico


Gladys Talarico commented…

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