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Is Anyone in Indiana Missing Their Leopard?

If you're in Indiana and you're missing your pet leopard, first of all, why do you have a pet leopard? Second of all, you might want to sit down. A couple in Charlestown, Ind. shot your beloved pet after they stumbled across it sneaking around their neighbor's pool. No one's quite sure where the leopard came from, or how a creature native to Africa and Asia ended up in Indiana, Local wildlife officials didn't believe the woman's story (they told her it was probably just a big, spotted bobcat) until they saw the photos for themselves and had to admit that, yes, there was a leopard on the prowl. And, if it's yours, they're looking for you too ...

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Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I'd have to imagine that the true owner will not come forward...

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