This Awesome Toddler Bought a Car on eBay

Little 14-month-old Sorella likes to click around on her dad’s smart-phone for fun. But evidently, she’s more web savvy than her parents realized. When her dad wasn’t paying attention, Sorella accidentally purchased a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite on eBay. Fortunately for Sorella’s dad, the “car” doesn’t run and needs to be completely restored, so it only costs $225. The seller of the “Franken Sprite” offered to cancel the sale when he heard about what happened, but Sorella’s dad decided to keep the old automobile. He now plans restoring the old car and giving it to Sorella on her 16th birthday …

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annie commented…

This will make a great story over the years, it's great that her father plans to restore the car and then give it to her as her sixteenth birthday present. She'll have to wait a long time before that will happen though, so her parents should check out if they want all her birthdays to be just as special!

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