Awful Prank Ends Up Being Pretty Wonderful

When Michigan high school student Whitney Kropp was nominated by her fellow students to be homecoming queen, it was sort of a shock to her, because Whitney had never considered herself particularly popular. But then it was revealed that the prank was some sort of awful, Carrie-esque joke. The boy who'd been selected as king even withdrew, making her a laughingstock. She was crushed, until word of the prank got out and the whole town threw their support behind Whitney, donating her a dress, shoes, a full makeover, dinner and a photoshoot. All the positive attention prompted her to post a Facebook status that said: "Going to homecoming to show them that I'm not a joke. Im [sic] a beautiful person and you shouldn't mess with me!" The whole town turned out to see her crowned queen, and she told reporters, "I’m so happy – this is so much right now for me" ...



Cheri Williams commented…

Woohoo Whitney--and the townsfolk too!!


Rich Eigsti commented…

Reminds me of plotline for the amazing teen movie, ANGUS.
Grandpa (to Angus): As for what anybody else thinks, always remember these words and live by them: screw 'em!


pounds to pockets commented…

Seems that everything is done for making some joke but still you get famous.

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