Beth Moore Speaks Out on Christians Dismissing Talk of Sexual Abuse

In a series of tweets posted this weekend, influential Christian author and speaker Beth Moore spoke out against Christian leaders who dismiss talk of sexual abuse and the objectification women. Though she didn’t mention Donald Trump by name in the tweets, her comments seem to be referencing the GOP nominee’s "hot mic” comments from 2005, recently unearthed by The Washington Post. In the video, which featured an off-camera conversation between Trump and then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, Trump spoke of attempting to have sex with a married woman and bragged about being able to sexually assault women (in extremely graphic terms) and get away with it, because he’s a star.

Author, activist and leader Christine Caine—who has written about overcoming sexual abuse—retweeted Moore a short time later:

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Femi Sokoya


Femi Sokoya commented…

This article is important to highlight how Christian women feel about the national and global church's AUDIBLE conversation on sexual abuse and treatment of women. The fact is that although much work has been done, both a large number of women in church and society at large do not feel tangible differences in our cultural moment. The analogy to race is equally important. Many Asian, Latino, African-American, etc. believers do not feel a tangible affirmation in their God-given design. The church can and will have to do a better job of equally affirming what we believe God has ordained as differences that reflect his authority and standing firm against sin while allowing and fighting for religious liberty for all people. That nuance will be the eventual lifeblood of the church's movement through potential and future persecution. We affirm women as people, our brothers and sisters of different phenotypes and abilities as people, and strive to bring honor to God in doing so.

Andi Tubbs


Andi Tubbs commented…

I read this last night and I have this to say. The three men who assault me didn't use words. The one who did was my ex husband and he used the Bible. Yes, you read that right. He had been out of the home for a couple of weeks, came home on a Sunday and told me that I had to have sex with him because the Bible said I am to submit to my husband. I had no idea what had happened to me until I was away from him. For the words to have an impact on you, they have to come from someone that matters to you.


Mary Vance Eagles


Mary Vance Eagles commented…

Beth, I have been to your conferences, simulcasts, and read your books. I know you were hurt deeply in the past. And I know that many women are still being hurt by sexual comments, etc. I know you love God, and know that we must forgive. Mr. Trump has asked for forgiveness for something he did 11 years ago. Someone has known about this for 11 years and waited until a month before the election to dig it up. No doubt it was done to sway Christians away from Trump over to Hillary. I think about King David when things like this happen. And yet, David was a man after God's own heart. This is a manuver to distract us Christians from the facts about Hillary and the Clintons in general. I hope that you will speak to looking at the issues of this election through social media. Many Christians are influenced by what you say. If Hillary becomes president and puts her people into the Supreme Court and other important positions, we as Christians in America will be facing serious persecution. We are hearing about Christians being killed all over this world. If this country continues in the way that we're going, it won't be long before Christians in this country will be facing the firing squad or worse.

Mark Stiverson


Mark Stiverson replied to Mary Vance Eagles's comment

Thank you for your response. Amazingly, this site does not automatically keep your response visible do to others not liking it.

Dianne Turner-Ingham


Dianne Turner-Ingham commented…

I am glad to see this passage written by a Christian woman. I was raised in a Christian home and I was 13 when I developed a full blown woman's figure. I dreaded walking by a construction site. I still wanted to jump rope with my friends, ride bikes and play hop scotch. Men would holler at me from their cars, and leer at me when I walked by. My sister who was 5'9 at the same age was told, "don't slouch, hold your head high. They wish they could be your height." I was told nothing. The implicit message was that I did something wrong to attract that negative attention. All through high school, I wore big shirts and sweat shirts to hide my body. It was not until college that I realized that nothing I could do would ward off the lecherous advances from males who did not respect a woman's physical or emotional space. I started to fight back! I have smacked a couple of hands or punched shoulders at times, and yelled back some of my own obscenities. But I shouldn't have had to do that either. I have never been more happy to be 65 years old.

Mark Stiverson


Mark Stiverson commented…

While I do not condone the language and attitudes that 11 years ago Mr. Trump used in that conversation that was recorded, would you rather have a president who will further promote and maintain the killing of the innocent babies? Is talking bad about a woman or women any where near that comparison? Have we come so accustomed to abortion that it does not mean anything any more? Are we that consumed with conversations about building walls, deleted emails, not presidential, foundation money abuse, first woman to be president, first non lawyer to be in a long time, pay for play, that abortion is so minor? Again, I don't like what he said and would not want to hear it again, but let's really look at some basic beliefs on both candidates and where the align with the faith. Also, think bigger picture of the party stances. Even though Trump may not be your person, doesn't one party align more with your faith than the other? God help us because we don't have a clue!

Lizz McConeghey


Lizz McConeghey commented…

I believe this outrage against sexual assault and "locker room talk" is not just about a president, or a single man. I've been thinking about it, praying about it, reading opinions on social media and testimonies of women who've been violated. This is about the fact that God created a relationship between a man and woman to be safe, honorable, beautiful and holy. Men defile this when they believe they are entitled to a women's body without her consent. This is about the fact that for as long as sin has been in this world, men have taken advantage of us; targeting, slandering, groping, violating and degrading us.
Songs are sung with vulgarity against my body, against my friends' bodies. Movies portray us as objects or sex kittens. And men like Brock Turner listen to these songs, watch these movies, hear statements of "locker room talk" and believe these things are okay. THEY ARE NOT OKAY. It's not okay to normalize talk that reduces my body to an object. It's not okay to let other young men believe it's glorifying to touch a woman in any way without her consent.
Honestly, this isn't something that only bothers us because a man of political interest spoke repulsively and inappropriately. This is something we've all either experienced personally or have watched a friend experience this. Too often it's both. And it's not okay.
My prayers always lead me back to Jesus, and his incredible compassion he shows women. He gets in the dirt with us, he sees us, loves us, weeps with us. Jesus didn't ever have locker room talk with his disciples. I don't care about Trump's words, Trump doesn't follow Jesus. I care about YOUR words. If you follow Jesus, FOLLOW Jesus. Forget the argument and politics, take action and lead by example for the men and women of the next generation. Eliminate locker room talk, high fives after scoring with a girl (stop calling it scoring, we're not a game to be won), listening to music that degrades your wife or girl friend, take a stand against pornography and what is allowed on our screens. Jesus, the ultimate guide, asks us to follow his lead. Have compassion, have respect, give love and show kindness. Let the fruits of the Spirit be evident in our actions, words, music, tv, social media and hearts

Bonnie Hayden


Bonnie Hayden commented…

Ms Moore, I have a question for you - 10 years ago I may or may not have said something sinful that I apologize for but because I am in the news they bring it up again. So I apologize again. Where is the forgiveness? I answer to God. Not to man or woman. If you separate yourself from a church Bc you can't or haven't forgiven, what is your sin?

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