Big Shakeup at Apple

In what probably would have made headlines if not for Hurricane Sandy, Apple made some drastic, sweeping changes early Monday, starting with its iOS chief, Scott Forstall. The reason for the move is, allegedly, his refusal to sign Apple's apology for the shoddy Maps app, but rumors are that the troubles go much deeper than that. Also out is retail chief, John Browett, for "a number of missteps." So, it's one of those rare days when you can be thankful that you don't work at Apple ...

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The apple organization company announced a big management shakeup today in what almost seems like a Surprise Unique news get rid of of. An discussion known as "Apple States Changes to Increase Collaboration Across Elements, Software & Services" reveals in its third term that Older Vice Us president for iOS Scott Forstall is creating the organization and way down in the penultimate passing says that Older Vice Us president for Retail store outlet Bob Browett is also creating.

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