Bon Iver is Breaking Up With All of Us

Everyone is in love with Justin Vernon. You are. Your significant other is. Peter Gabriel is. Justin Timberlake is. At this point, our parents probably love Bon Iver as much as we do. And that's why there's no easy way to say this, so Bon Iver might as well just come out and say it. He really likes us too, and we're amazing, and he hopes the best for us, but, well, it's just not working out. As he told Minnesota Public Radio,

Winding [Bon Iver] down. I look at it like a faucet. I have to turn it off and walk away from it because so much of how that music comes together is subconscious or discovering. There’s so much attention on the band, it can be distracting at times. I really feel the need to walk away from it while I still care about it. And then if I come back to it – if at all – I’ll feel better about it and be renewed or something to do that.

No. No, it is absolutely not our fault. He just needs some time to think, and has realized that we're going in different directions, and he just doesn't feel the way he wishes he felt about us. But he really has enjoyed this time, and he's sure we'll meet someone who's just perfect, and he hopes we can stay friends? ...



poogy commented…

only lames will really miss Bon Iver. He's not very memorable. Talented, but he seems shrouded in a temporal fog. He'll pass in obscurity because people don't know what "bon iver" means in french.



kwimmer commented…

Reminds me of my break up letter to 7 ball.


Anonymous commented…

Your last name better be "Smith" buddy. Your opinion is pretty strong and highlydebatable.


lets be kind commented…

yikes elliot, thats a little extreme. we need to be careful about labelling people as "pretentious douche[s]". If you don't like his music that's ok, but no need to be so extremely rude. in the same way that i don't know you, you don't know him, so chilllll out and ignore reading the article if you don't like him.

Gavin Grohowski


Gavin Grohowski commented…

Alright, I know this is a little late, but how is Justin being inconsiderate, rude, unthoughtful, etc. He is simply saying that HIS band has taken up too much time, and he wants a break. No reason to belittle Justin, he is incredibly talented and has made some of the best music that has ever came out. Listen to Holocene, Skinny Love, Minnesota, WI, Perth, etc.

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