Boston Marathon Hero a Peace Activist Supporting His Sons and Other Fallen Soldiers

One of the most graphic images to emerge in the chaotic aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, was of a man helping a racer who had both legs blown off to get to safety. The heroic individual also used pieces of clothing and nearby towels in an attempt to stop the bleeding for other injured racers. Now, that man has been identified as Carlos Arredondo. A few hours earlier, he was handing out small American flags in memory of his two sons.

In pictures, you can see that Arredondo is wearing two buttons: One for his son who was killed while serving in Iraq, another for his younger son who later committed suicide after losing his brother. Arredondo himself had once attempted suicide following the tragedy, but since 2007, Arredondo has traveled the country with a homemade memorial as a peace activist. Arredondo lives in Boston and attended the race to support those running in honor of fallen soldiers and to hand out the flags. After the bombing, Arredondo, who said he had given about 200 of the flags away during the course of the race, had just one left …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Think of all the lives that man has touched, and even saved! Thank God he was strong enough to stay and support his sons and other fallen soldiers! Thank you Carlos, God had and has a plan for you!

Maureen Cohen


Maureen Cohen commented…

A Peace Activist, father to a fallen soldier, father to a younger son who committed suicide after the pain for the loss of his brother, a suicide survivor himself, a Costa Rican and now, and unexpected hero. Thank you!

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