Bryan Fischer Calls for 'Underground Railroad' to Kidnap Children From Gay Parents

Bryan Fischer, the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association, has defended his call for an "Underground Railroad system" that would abduct children from same-sex parents, saying that "we must obey God's law, not man's law." He cited the case of one Isabella Miller-Jenkins, a 10-year-old girl who is supposedly in Nicaragua with her mother, Lisa Miller (a former lesbian), after the latter lost a series of court battles to bar her former lesbian partner from visitation rights to Isabella. Fischer says the drastic measure was Lisa's last option to keep her daughter away from homosexual influence, saying that "Moms have a sacred, solemn duty, a responsibility to God to look out for the welfare of their kids." Jeremy Hooper, a special projects consulter from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation condemned Fischer's remarks, saying, "He is quite literally comparing his desire to take children from homes with same-sex parents to the heroic events that led to the freeing of slaves. He is suggesting that ripping kids out of LGBT-headed housesholds is the noble cause of our day" ...



Jeremy Olson commented…

This guy is nothing but a tool of satan

Francisco Carson


Francisco Carson commented…

Let me get this straight.He's advocatingtearing apart families by stealing children that will get the FBI involved, ultimately leading to prison sentences for well meaning people who will be incarcerated next to murderers, that in turn will destroy evenmore families whenloved ones arebeing carted off to prison for years?

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