Can You Trademark 'Jesus'?

The makers of the Italian apparel brand “Jesus Jeans” are pursuing legal action against clothing makers that use the word “Jesus” on their products. Back in 2007, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office actually granted them the word "Jesus" as a registered trademark, which gave them exclusive rights to the term in the U.S. According to The Wall Street Journal, the clothing makers say using the word “Jesus” as a brand is no different than “Nike” appropriating the name of the Greek goddess of victory. Obviously, some other apparel makers disagree. Though a lawyer for the brand said, "If somebody, small church or even a big church, wants to use 'Jesus' for printing a few T-shirts, we don't care," one of the first targets of the crackdown was a ministry leader who started selling “Jesus Surfed” T-shirts inspired by the name of his church’s singles’ ministry ….


Adrian Parrish


Adrian Parrish commented…

I feel like you buried the lead here. I think the focus of this story should have been to let us know we can buy "Jesus Surfed" t-shirts.



Smoothee commented…

Sure, this is a fulfillment of 2nd Timothy 3, but it is downright hilarious.

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