Chance After Winning Best New Artist: ‘Glory Be to God. I Claim This Victory in the Name of the Lord’

Chance the Rapper took home several awards at tonight’s Grammys, but after being named Best New Artist, he took the stage and thanked God. He told the crowd, “Glory be to God. I claim this victory in the name of the Lord.” Later, he delivered one of the night’s best performances, leading the crowd in worship, singing “How Great Is Our God."

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Abigail Bres


Abigail Bres commented…

Can any anyone explain why as fast as great issues follow that is "God" yet while undesirable issues result that is "demon"? In understanding to the digital book of Hebrews confidence is the substance of issues was seeking after and the information of issues not seen. People have confidence in what feels genuine for them. written arranged confidence isn't something more prominent compelling than an organization instrument to keep up people in line. Worry of downfall isn't something new and the fear of the great beyond is going as an inseparable unit. I have confidence in God i have confidence in myself i don't have confidence inside the hypocrisy of religion. Individuals who have confidence inside the Bible as immediate be cognizant from God are misleading themselves. I would not stone my child for disobedience. I situated on cosmetics and adornments and jeans, all issues that are taboo by means of sacred text. I’m no one’s viewpoints yet my own one of a kind.


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