Church Bands Together to Help Struggling Local Business Owner

After road construction blocked regular access to his service station pumps, Snack Shack Phillip 66 Owner Mukhtar Raja lost nearly $100,000 in sales. Business became so bad that Raja was even considering filing bankruptcy. That’s when a local Kansas church decided to help. Cross Points Church pastor David Jones asked the members of his congregation to go and fill up their tanks at least one time at the nearby gas station, as a way of helping out their neighbor in need. After the Sunday morning surges of new customers helped to save his business, Raja told local news station KCTV, “I'm very thankful to them. They basically woke me up ... that good people exist out there. They don't care what race you are ... what religion you are, and that is unforgettable.” Now, the members of Cross Points have launched a new effort they’ve called “Connect, Commit, Create”, in which they target other local businesses to come together to help …


Jeff White


Jeff White commented…

I'm sure you meant "bands" together.

Maryann Farrugia


Maryann Farrugia commented…

Well i like this article, as for my experience i like helping people because i want to change their lives to be a successful person. Doing this kind of thing helping people give me so much energy and happiness in life it feels like they are my great achievements.

Maryann Farrugia CEO, OBP

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