Church Says 'No' to Black Wedding

A church in Crystal Springs, Miss forced Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson, an African-American couple, to relocate their wedding ceremony after the pastor received several complaints from members of his congregation who were unhappy about the idea of a black couple getting married inside their precious church building. The pastor told the press that he "didn't want to have a controversy within the church, and I didn't want a controversy to affect the wedding of Charles and Te'Andrea." The church is holding meetings to figure out what to do next, since no members will actually come forward and admit that they were the ones who complained about it which is too bad, since there are so many questions worth asking them. First and foremost: "what on earth?" ...



Tracy Mbabu commented…

it sad when you can't find love in the church.


Pat Joy commented…

I agree with you Ashley, as the spiritual leader of the church he should have said they want to get married here, they attend here and I am going to marry them here. Like you, I can see no reason why they shouldn't have been married there and Jeremy, the link you sent us to just says what a great person the pastor is, but if he lets the flock lead him instead of him leading them, I don't think he is that good a pastor.


zaire_danseres commented…



Beverly commented…

Please reconsider your remark that "it sounds like this is a bigger deal to the national media than it is to the people involved." How can this not be a big deal to the couple who planned their whole wedding day around marrying in this church? How can this not be a big deal for followers of Christ, who feel his ministry is not served by such a blatant act of intolerance and bigotry?


Metalsandman999 commented…

I agree. The pastor obviously isn't himself an evil racist, but yielding to overt sin was the wrong thing for him to do. Would that same pastor have allowed a porn convention if a small handful of members demanded it, just to avoid strife and controversy?

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