Coca Cola Wants You to Start Drinking Coke at Breakfast

In an effort to boost sales across the U.K., Coca Cola recently issued a report that discussed bold new strategies to get consumers to put down boring beverages like “water” and “tea,” and turn to a refreshing, sugary alternative. Because their research found that a quarter of beverages are consumed before 10 a.m., they are now looking for ways to convince customers that starting their day off with a soda is somehow a good idea. The report asks, "How do we motivate people to make soft drinks, like smoothies, juices and other on-the-go products, part of their morning ritual in the same way as tea or coffee?" (In a follow-up statement, Coke said that they are actually referring to smoothies and juice as breakfast drinks, although that's not exactly how the initial report was worded.) Why not just convince people to exclusively drink Coke as their only source of hydration? What could possibly go wrong? …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Um, didn't Mt. Dew already beat them to that punch?

Brittany Darrett


Brittany Darrett commented…

I am excited to see what comes down the advertising pipeline on this one. Promo commercial with some super fit family getting ready for breakfast and the children make a face at having to have yet another glass of fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast when BAM!! out comes the new Coke bottle specifically for breakfast enthusiasts! They definitely need to hire someone from the McDonald's team for this project.

Mike Teixeira


Mike Teixeira commented…

Coffee is an accepted drink for breakfast right? Let's see, coffee is brown colored water with some flavor and caffeine added. Some folks add sugar. Now, doesn't that sound sound a lot like Coke?

Bethel Place Int'l


Bethel Place Int'l replied to Mike Teixeira's comment

We need 'LIKE' buttons on Relevant...



Carrie replied to Bethel Place Int'l's comment

Coffee is made with water, and natural beans. Yes, it has caffeine, and yes you can add sugar. You can control the amount of coffee and it doesn't have all those artificial ingredients soft-drinks have.

Jared White


Jared White commented…

Wow, CocaCola just won't relent from trying to force more disease-causing sugar down our throats will they!? Do yourself a favor and stay away from all sodas. Stick with coffee, tea, or milk! :D God made whole foods for us to enjoy -- if we eat them, we'll be healthy.

Kierra Georges


Kierra Georges commented…

That company doesn't care about our health. They simply care about the money. I will never drink soda for breakfast especially coke. I am convinced they trying to kill us before our time.

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