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This Creepy Doll Is Listening to Your Conversations

Your childhood nightmares have become a reality.

There is a doll in Germany that has been eavesdropping on conversations and providing hackers with personal information. The doll’s name is Cayla and she was designed to accurately answer simple questions, but according to Germany’s Federal Network Agency, the Bluetooth that allows Cayla to respond with precision also allows hackers to record private conversations in order to steal personal data. As a result, the telecommunications monitors have pulled the dolls from toy stores in Germany.

The agency’s president, Jochen Homann, spoke with The New York Times:

“Objects that have concealed cameras or microphones that can send information endanger the private sphere. The Cayla doll is forbidden in Germany.”

A children’s toy being used as a hacking device would make most sensitive to Bluetooth security, but according to the Times, Germans are hyper aware of hacking as a result of being governed under the Nazi and Communist regime.

Germany isn’t alone in working toward pulling Cayla completely from the shelves. The United State and Norway have both filed complaints to expose the product's privacy issues.


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