Disney's Animated Short Is Actually Pretty Charming

It's starting to edge into that time of year in which all those romantics out there start talking about their "one true love" and "be mine" and, although there's no denying that Valentine's Day is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make money, we can all agree the only thing worse than Valentine's Day is someone who won't stop complaining about Valentine's Day. For all the romantics out there, Disney has released a short animated film (it aired in theaters in front of the criminally underseen Wreck-It Ralph) utilizing a revolutionary new hybrid of CGI and hand-drawn animation that will warm even the snarkiest heart among you. Enjoy, you crazy lovebirds ...


Rich Douglas


Rich Douglas commented…

I saw this in theaters, I loved it! One of the best short film love stories ever imo, but still probably behind the first 5 minutes of Disney/Pixar's Up. :)



Anthony commented…

Nice short! Concept very similar to the short film Signs- another great short.

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