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Does Your Tattoo Artist Know How to Spell?

There are many factors to consider when going to get a new tattoo. Moral: is this the right decision? Creative: is barbed wire around my bicep actually cool? Spelling: does my tattoo artist know how to spell? Marie Huckle neglected to weigh at least one of those considerations when she got her tattoo, a little script that reads "See You At the Cossroads," at a Nova Scotia parlor, and now courts are forcing the artist to pay $9000 to get the tattoo removed. Here's a tip, Marie. Next time, just get a butterfly ...

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John Rader


John Rader commented…

Many skilled decorators or interior designers might say that this actually is amongst those "never do" issues, however you are not growing a mannequin home right here, so go on and canopy your fridge door with images of family and friends.

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