The End of ‘Lost’ Finally Explained

So what exactly happened at the end of Lost? Did Jack really die while remaining on the island with Walt’s dog by his side? Was everyone saved? Were they all reunited in the great beyond? Did it all really happen? In a tweet to a fan who asked what the ending scenes meant, Lost writer and executive producer Damon Lindelof claims, “It all happened,” adding “Dogs are great.” Lindelof's tweet should probably be taken with a grain of salt, though. His Twitter bio describes himself as “one of the idiots behind LOST. And no, I don’t understand it either.” In another tweet, Lindelof also answers a question regarding what happened at the end of Seinfeld: “They were in jail all along.” These tweets also likely help unsolve another great mystery of the show, finally answering the question, "Were they just messing with us the whole time?" …

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Nathan McQuary


Nathan McQuary commented…

I thought it was fairly straight-forward. Yes, it all really happened. Yes, Jack dies on the beach with Vincent beside him. Yes, everyone on the show dies, some on The Island, some off of it. The last season showed us flashes of a cosmic world, created by the relational bond between the characters, that served as a meeting place for their souls before entering the afterlife together. It might sound far-fetched, but the show also featured a smoke monster.

I can't imagine how many times Lindelof is asked to explain that ending to people. It'd make me quit Twitter.

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