Every State in America is Mostly Overweight

A new Gallup poll has determined that the majority of people in each of the 50 states is overweight or obese, just in case you'd thought maybe we'd somehow turned a corner on the fight against obesity in America. Even Colorado, long-heralded as the lightest state in the U.S., currently has about a 55 percent rate of obesity. On the other end of the scale (literally and figuratively) is West Virginia, in which 69.3 percent of all residents are currently considered obese. Slowly but surelh, being overweight is becoming as American as the flag, mom and apple pie. And a second slice of apple pie ...




kilky commented…

"Mom and apple pie"? The absence of an Oxford comma is turning us into obese cannibals, apparently.


Jacob Coon commented…

The only problem with this study is that it uses BMI and technically bodybuilders are obese according to BMI. All BMI does is diving your height by your weight, without taking into account muscle mass. I know that AMericans are getting bigger, but could we stop using the obviously flawed BMI?

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