Expert: 400 Church Leaders Will Resign This Sunday Because Names Surfaced in Ashley Madison Hack

The Ashley Madison hack will have a serious effect on churches. According to Ed Stetzer, as many as 400 pastors, deacons, elders and church staff members may resign this Sunday after their names surfaced on the list of users revealed in the Ashley Madison hack.

In a post on his Christianity Today blog, The Exchange, Stetzer said the number is based on “conversations with leaders from several denominations in the U.S. and Canada,” adding, “To be honest, the number of pastors and church leaders on Ashley Madison is much lower than the number of those looking to have an affair.” Along with being a contributing editor for CT, author and professor, Stetzer is the executive director of LifeWay Research, and a well-regarded expert on church leadership. He is also the executive editor of the Christian leadership publication Facts & Trends. All that to say, Stetzer is well-informed, and his number is likely accurate. Former social conservative lobbyist and Christian reality TV star Josh Duggar and Christian vlogger Sam Rader recently released their own statements, acknowledging that they were both users of the site, which facilitates adultery.

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Geo Ammerman


Geo Ammerman commented…

My church puts it well: "We don't shoot our wounded, but we don't send them to the front line either." --- Pastors who are struggling need to step back and get healthy, for their good and their congregations. We're living for eternity not next Sunday.

David Foreman


David Foreman commented…

Yes. They're only human. We need to forgive them, and nurture them back to leadership.
Then they can continue to bash gays, deprive women of their rights, and continue to pretend to speak for God while missing the teachings of Jesus altogether.


Roger Griffith


Roger Griffith commented…

OK, it's Monday. So, how many actually resigned? What is the breakdown of the various denominations? For example, I have not heard of any Southern Baptist pastors caught up in this. I have not heard of any A/G pastors caught up in this. Which denomination was most susceptible?

Steven Henry


Steven Henry commented…

Does anyone know of a link that just has the list of the big Christian leaders? I'm curious to see if a few names of pastors I know are on there. ~ thank you, SH

Simon Paul


Simon Paul commented…

When it comes to Pastors (leaders) the Bible is clear on what the qualifications are. There is NO exceptions. Plus the fact that the only way they can prove that GOD truly called them is by their actions. Would GOD call a man to lead that is morally corrupt? What does that then say about GOD's judgment? Stop making excuses for BAD pastors. READ YOUR BIBLE......Sin will always be with us. There is however a big difference between sin and being Blameless.....Above reproach.

Rod Moulton


Rod Moulton commented…

Why do they preach premarital sex is wrong.

Kevin Callahan


Kevin Callahan commented…

Has there ever been a follow up of the fact?. Did pastors resign? Or, are facts not RELEVANT?

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