Express Your Disdain for Snail Mail with Grumpy Cat Stamps

Nothing will make you grumpier than actually having to go to the Post Office to send a piece of snail mail. In honor of the antiquated practice of delivering physical pieces of paper with hand-written messages on them (just typing all of that made us grumpy), Zazzle has created a usable U.S. postage stamp featuring feline Internet star Grumpy Cat. According to the site, “Zazzle’s medium custom stamps fit especially well on greeting card or RSVP envelopes.” The card may say “Happy Birthday,” but the stamp lets the recipient know, “this is how I feel about sending this greeting out of social obligation” …

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Tracy Mangold


Tracy Mangold commented…

I think the stamps are funny but I don't like that it is dissing snail mail. I love receiving handwritten letters and I enjoy writing and sending them to friends. I don't think it is antiquated. I think we have just become increasingly lazy.

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