The Facebook Page for Nic Cage's 'Left Behind' Reboot Is Here and It Is Marvelous

It has been whispered in secret, from the halls of kings to the alleys of thieves. They said it couldn't be done, that such power was not meant for humanity. But where some saw an impossibility, others saw a challenge—nay—a gift. They knew that the risks of not seizing the opportunity before them were far greater than the risks of seizing it. And so, it has come, and we are pleased to present the official Facebook page of Nic Cage's Left Behind reboot ...




Skevin commented…

I honestly didn't think this was real until I saw the "spot the differences" photo. Amazing.



S. commented…

The fact that someone wrote "Praise Jesus!!" on the page's wall might be the funniest thing that has ever happened.



Smoothee replied to S.'s comment

Perhaps, but what would be really funny is if the Rapture actually happened during filming. :D

Bryant Cary


Bryant Cary replied to Smoothee's comment

that comment section is a goldmine.
"unless you can get true Christians to play in it, this will only be another secular action flick"

Tyler Volkers


Tyler Volkers commented…

I have never been more excited for a terribly bad movie- Midnight premeire here I come!

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

This one might actually get more views just because of people looking to get a good laugh in.

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