Facebook's New Phone, for People Who Need More Facebook

You ever feel like it's just impossible to get on Facebook? Like, you'd love to get on Facebook but, honestly, who even has time to do that anymore? Life's too fast for Facebook. It's hard to remember to take the time to slow down and check Facebook. Well, seeing that need, Zuck has been hard at work on what's been rumored to be a new "Facebook Phone," but is actually slightly less revolutionary, and a little harder to explain.

It's called "Home," it runs on Android's HTC First and Wired is describing it as an "apperating system," because it seems to be something in-between a new OS and a new Facebook app. Basically, Facebook is the most prominent feature on your phone (whenever you look at your phone, it'll be cycling through your newsfeed without you having to even open Facebook up.) Zuckerberg says Home is "based around people, not apps," as is Facebook's guiding principle: connect people to every detail of each other's lives, no matter how minute. It's also making text messages a more seamless part of your phone, laying your text conversations in right over whatever else you're doing on your phone so that you can keep up with whoever's texting you without closing out of it. So, now, Facebook will be a much more natural part of your life. At long last, it'll be something for today's on-the-go, thinking person, who just needs a little more Facebook ...


Jason Roszhart


Jason Roszhart commented…

yikes. just what the world needs.

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I'm having a hard enough time reading this article, could you implant FB on the side or something?


Lance J Smith


Lance J Smith commented…

The title is very misleading, and even the beginning chapter. It's not a phone, its an app that is coming along with the new android phones. Nothing spectacular.

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