Family Gets Lost at Sea Trying to Follow God

Hannah Gastonguay, a 26-year-old mother of two, was rescued along with her husband after being lost at sea for weeks. Evidently, they set sail from San Diego because they were tired of "abortion, homosexuality, in the state-controlled church," and thought their Christian faith would fare better elsewhere. So Hannah's husband “decided to take a leap of faith and see where God led us.” They had every intention of sailing to Kiribati, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, because "we didn’t want to go anywhere big.”

The trouble is, of course, the ocean is big, and the Gastonguay family found themselves in a lot of trouble after a series of squalls got them hopelessly off course. Running low on food, they were finally rescued by a Venezuelan fishing vessel (the Captain of which allegedly told them, "Do you know where you're at? You're in the middle of nowhere,)" and they're being sent back to the States. For now, at least, their attempt to see where God would lead them has sent them back to where they started from ...


Georgia Peach


Georgia Peach commented…

I'm amused that no one commented on this. People reading other stories wax poetically about God's will and the ability to hear God. But this story is quiet. We'll just pretend this has nothing to do with the supernatural, which after all is only responsible for the good stuff, right? Confirmation bias in action.

Seth Langston


Seth Langston commented…

While God called us to be separate from the world, he did not call us to be isolate. The Great Commission calls us to share the Good News, to patiently endure suffering within ourselves and our neighbors, and make an impact on the people and culture around us for the Kingdom of Heaven instead of just running away from it.

Matias Perfetti de Flor


Matias Perfetti de Flor commented…

I'm not sure but sounds a little like jonah being brought back towards were he was meant to serve. Maybe God is telling them to stay for now.

Gabby Tringali


Gabby Tringali replied to Matias Perfetti de Flor's comment

Hahaha totally. San Diego is their Nineveh.

Rachel Rodriguez


Rachel Rodriguez commented…

It doesn't seem like God told them to sail to Kiribati in the first place. They did it because THEY wanted to. It's a miracle that they were found and rescued.

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