Flickr Would Like to Remind You That They Don't Steal Your Pictures

Photo-sharing service Flickr (remember them?) re-posted a note today saying, "At Flickr, your photos are always yours":

We feel very strongly that sharing online shouldn’t mean giving up rights to your photos. Our Terms of Service clearly spell out that Flickr/Yahoo! doesn’t own the photos that you upload. You, as a member, maintain all ownership rights to the photos that you upload to Flickr. Our Terms of Service allow us to “use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display such Content on the Yahoo! Services solely for the purpose for which such Content was submitted or made available.”

Just an old, friendly thought from Flickr that they felt like re-sharing today. No reason at all. Could be any reason, really ...


Andrew Ols


Andrew Ols commented…

Well, good thing Instagram won't either. People have blown this whole thing out of proportion. It's really quite dumb, and I'm bummed that Relevant is going the same route as other websites by not researching things ahead of time. Instagram has already responded ( saying that this isn't at all true, and other places like The Verge have put up great articles ( going through the new Privacy Policy piece by piece.

Of course, if I was Flickr I'd capitalize on the public's new unwarranted fear of Instagram also.

Maryann Farrugia


Maryann Farrugia commented…

Well as far as i know Flickr is not stealing the pictures you are posting because its your discretion to post the picture and we all know that Flickr is a photo sharing site and its public right? If you dont want your picture to be stolen then don't upload and post it there, thats it!

Maryann Farrugia

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