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The Flying Car Is About to Become a Reality

If you’ve grown up with the completely reasonable expectation that one day, you will own a flying car, than we’ve got good news: the wait may finally be over. Terrafugia, the company behind this airplane/car hybrid, is working on a new design that, in addition to operating like a fully functioning, street-legal car, will also not require a runway for takeoffs and landings. Once the car is airborne (thanks to mini-helicopter-like vertical propellers) it can travel at speeds of up to 200 MPH and go 500 miles without needing to be refueled. What if your new car suffers from a mid-air breakdown? Don’t worry, a parachute system will deploy to gently float you safely to the ground. But, if you want to own the ultimate commuter vehicle, you might want to start saving now. They’re going to cost almost $300,000 apiece …

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Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

sheesh, I can only imagine the things that would go wrong with something like this. For some reason I can only picture Homer Simpson flying around running into things.

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