Four Rapists Given Death Penalty in India

Four men, who were convicted in a case involving a horrific, fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old female college student, have been sentenced to death. The brutality of the crime made international headlines last year and resulted in stricter sexual assault laws throughout the country aimed at protecting women. However, according to this report from The Guardian (which contains some disturbing details), “Gang-rapes, acid attacks and other acts of violence against women continue to be reported across India each day.” More than 80 witnesses, who were also boarding the public bus when the attack occurred, testified against the four men. The four rapists, who claim they are innocent, say they plan on appealing their convictions …

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Joseph Dear


Joseph Dear commented…

A couple thoughts:

- The headline is a bit misleading, as they did kill the girl as well. It sounds as though they got the death penalty for just for rape, whereas, for all intents and purposes, it was rape and murder.

- Whether or not the use of the death penalty is a good thing, it is definitely a step in the right direction for a country where the term "war on woman" doesn't just mean the government doesn't pay for birth control. It is good to see justice done (though ultimately, true justice won't be done until the next age).

- It also is encouraging that so many of the witnesses stepped up and reported what happened.

- The four men say they will appeal their convictions. If they really are innocent, I hope they win. Otherwise, I just hope they repent and turn to the Lord before they have to stand before the Judge that matters...

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