Fuller Theological Seminary President Issues Statement about LGBT Campus Group

The President of Fuller Theological Seminary has released a statement in response to a recent controversy surrounding the school’s approval of an LGBT-led student group called OneTable. According to the group’s website, OneTable is “a place for LGBTQ students to feel supported in their lives at Fuller” and they insist they are “a non-political organization" and they “DO NOT exist to change policy within Fuller, our state or on the federal level.” According to the school’s president, Mark Labberton, “Fuller's position on same-sex marriage and behavior, reflective of our evangelical tradition's reliance on the scriptures, affirms that every student, faculty member, administrator, and staff person at Fuller is expected to abide by the Community Standards that 'premarital, extramarital, and homosexual forms of explicit sexual conduct [are] inconsistent with the teaching of Scripture.' This position is clear.”

In the statement, Labberton said the school welcomes "the opportunity to engage over vigorous issues of debate within the church and within culture” and emphasized that the student-group offers “safe place to discuss issues related to sexuality and gender—issues that are vitally important, personal, and fraught with debate that is frequently divisive and contentious, not least in an evangelical context.” Justin Lee, the executive director of the Gay Christian Network, told The Associated Press that Fuller is the first evangelical seminary to accept a gay student group …


Jonathan Avants


Jonathan Avants commented…

What a horrible thing, to take a stand against a way of life, based solely on the fact that it doesn't align with scripture. What is there to debate? How will you change an institution and its people whose beliefs are based on that sort of thing? That LGBT group will get nowhere, and that makes me heartbroken. Absolutely depressing.

Justin McRoberts


Justin McRoberts replied to Jonathan Avants's comment

I don't find it depressing at all, Jonathan. This is a looooong process and Pres. Labberton is setting the table appropriately for the long-term conversation. If he comes out and "affirms" (whatever that means any more) same-sex sexual relationships, the ship sinks now.

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