Gay-Marriage Opponents Clash with Police in Paris Following Legalization Vote

In Paris, police used tear gas to push back protestors when a demonstration by opponents of gay marriage turned violent following a vote by lawmakers to legalize same-sex marriage in France. The demonstration reportedly started peacefully, but eventually some rioters threw glass bottles, rocks and even small, “petrol bombs” at police following the vote by the National Assembly. The issue of gay marriage is a contentious one in the European country—polls show a sharply divided population with many social conservatives displeased by the decision of the Socialist-majority Assembly. Last week, New Zealand also passed laws legalizing gay marriage …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I don't care what the issue is, when you start to become violent, at ALL, you lose credibility to your cause.

Frederick Johnsen


Frederick Johnsen commented…

I would be interested to know who actually became violent. Unfortunately large demonstrations can be filled with people who want to take a peaceful protest violent either to discredit the protesters or because those protesting are not seen as committed enough. Either way, a real sad thing to see something turn violent.

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