The Geniuses Behind Razor Scooters Have Just Invented a Go-Kart

Sure, the new “Crazy Cart” from Razor—the company behind the scooter craze of eight years ago—may be intended for children, but after watching this promo video, we’re not going to let something has subjective as “intended weight limits” or “safety” guidelines prevent us from joining in on the fun. As shown in the video below, the insanely dangerous looking go-karts can drift, do amazing 360-spins and essentially make all of your Mario Kart dreams come true …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

At least the scooters encouraged physical activity. These things will be weighed down by overweight kids.



Trent commented…

I wonder if I can ride one being 6'6". Worth a shot.

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