George Clooney is Abraham Lincoln's Cousin or Something

Remember George Clooney? Used to be on ER? Well, looks like his ship has finally come in, because the folks at have found out something cool about his lineage.

George Clooney is distantly related to America's storied 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, according to The finding came recently as researchers were tracing the president's lineage in celebration of the upcoming film, Lincoln. "We noticed there were similarities between the names and places of Abraham Lincoln's tree and George Clooney's tree," the genealogy website's Michelle Ercanbrack tells PEOPLE.

George Clooney may want to look into some sort of police protection from whoever among's employees was well-versed enough in his ancestors to notice similarities between him and Abraham Lincoln. But, that aside, good news for George Clooney. Maybe this will give his career the kick it's needed for so long ...



Anonymous commented…

Clooney has also hunted vampires. (See From Dusk Till Dawn)

Also see the nifty Google animation on my search to make sure I got the title correct:


Dj commented…

Just when you think the guy can't get any cooler...


someGuy commented…

Check out "Forkland Heritage Its People Past and Present 1793-1996 Volumes 1 & 2". This book completely traces the genealogy.

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