Giant, House-Eating Snails Are Taking Over Florida

Just when you thought exotic animal invasions couldn’t possibly get any worse after the Everglades became overrun by Burmese Pythons that can kill alligators, a new species is slowly taking over South Florida: Rat-sized snails and that will eat your house. Along with the ability to chew through plaster and stucco, the snails also carry a “parasitic rat lungworm” that can cause serious illnesses. Also, did we mention, they can also eat your house? A Department of Agriculture spokesperson gave this cryptic description: “They're huge, they move around, they look like they're looking at you ... communicating with you.” So remember, if you see a massive, house-eating snail trying to communicate with you, it’s not something to be messed with …

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Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Thank you for not posting a real picture! Yuck! Thank goodness I live in Minnesota, far far away from suck icky creatures!

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